Essay about Comparing Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Person-Centered Psychology

Essay about Comparing Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Person-Centered Psychology

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Comparing Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Person-Centered Psychology
The counseling profession has a broad spectrum of possibilities when it comes to choosing which psychological approach to take. The field of counseling takes many forms and offers many career options, from school counseling to marriage and family therapy. As there are numerous styles in existence, it is important to be aware of the many approaches available to take. For my research two psychological approaches, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Person-Centered Psychology, will be critically analyzed and discussed in depth in order to compare the techniques as well as effectiveness of each.
Foundation of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy was developed by Sigmund Freud during the Victorian Era in Vienna, Austria. Sigmund Freud’s psychological works set the base for the profession of psychology as well as the practice of modern psychotherapy. Freud believed human behavior was motivated by “intrapsychic conflict” stemming from the three areas of the subconscious: id, ego, and superego (Murdock, 2009).
Freud’s psychoanalytic approach to therapy had more of a negative view of human nature that Carl Rogers’ view. Freud thought human dysfunction developed as a result of poor genetic make-up, as well as deficits (fixations) caused by missed psychosexual developmental stages. In short, human conflict came about as a result of struggles between the id (primal, instinctual urges), ego (role of self in reality) and superego (conscience/critic), manifested in the person’s ego.
As part of Freud’s psychoanalytic approach, he believed the human subconscious was the main driving force behind human change and growth. Freud believed the human personali...

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...tive regard. On the other hand, Person-Centered Therapy is suitable for most anyone who is open to the client-centered methods of treatment. Carl Rogers was a humanistic individual who believed everyone should be seen as equal; therefore this type of treatment could be used for males or females, heterosexuals or homosexuals, and individuals from all cultural backgrounds.

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