Essay on Comparing Pop Culture and Old English Literature

Essay on Comparing Pop Culture and Old English Literature

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There are simply two types of people in this world; good people and bad people. In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, the King of Scotland (well at least at the beginning of the play) whom is King Duncan, would be labeled as a good person. Duncan is viewed as Macbeth’s opposite, since Macbeth’s characteristics are all made to be pointed out as a bad person. The story of Macbeth is all about greed, power, and guilt. Macbeth becomes greedy when he kills Duncan in order to become king and to gain power. Lady Macbeth on the other hand is stricken with guilt at what she has caused her husband to do. The murder of Duncan is extremely crucial in the story, as is his character himself. In our society now, one person whose actions and words that is quite similar to Duncan’s overall effect is Justin Bieber.
Justin Bieber is similar to Duncan in that they both speak with very kind words to the people around them. Even in the position of king, Duncan’s vernacular could suggest otherwise. Duncan pots others on a high pedestal, speaking kind words such as, “O valiant cousin! Worthy gentleman!” (Shakespeare I.ii.24). He speaks to the other person very highly, and as does Justin Bieber. In an interview with Ink Splot 26, when asked about Usher, whom signed Justin Bieber, he talks nothing but benevolent words about Usher stating “how influential [Usher] is in life and much pride [Usher] takes in guiding me into being the best person I can possibly be” (Ink Splot 26: Justin Bieber Interview). In addition to what they say, is the tone in which they talk. Although Duncan and Bieber both have formal tones, Duncan’s tone is more superior and Bieber’s formal tone has more of a slight street-talk tone to it. When King Duncan tells Ross to send the news to Ma...

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...ut the impression of getting something in return. If this were the fact in the play, the outcomes might have just been different.

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