Comparing Phaedrus And Plato And Schopenhaur : Breach Between Beauty And Morality

Comparing Phaedrus And Plato And Schopenhaur : Breach Between Beauty And Morality

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Phaedrus and "Plato and Schopenhaur:" The Breach Between Beauty and Morality
For Plato, beauty with a capital B can be attained when love begins with a reverential gaze. This reverence is key because it indicates that though love and Beauty may begin with the physical, there is also a reverence which alludes to a potential ascension into an appreciation of something deeper. However, in Alexander Nehamas ' article entitled "Plato or Schopenhaur" he notes a "breach between beauty and morality" (Nehamas 3), and this has taken place as a shift from how philosophers viewed beauty in Plato 's day compared to how people see it now has happened. An important question to ask is how has it happened that there has been a breach between beauty and morality? In Plato 's Phaedrus, how desire functions within people is described and it is stated that "when desire takes command in us and drags us without reasoning toward pleasure, then its command is known as outrageousness." (Phaedrus 19). Additionally, Nehamas says that: "Beauty had long ago ceased to go hand and hand with wisdom and goodness; it had eventually come to be, as it is to most of the world today, largely irrelevant and often opposed to them. Even Ruskin... had to acknowledge the breach between beauty and morality" (Nehamas 3). Essentially, beauty and morality have drifted apart due to lack of reverence for what Plato would say is truly beautiful, which is self control, intelligence, reverence, goodness, wisdom and reason. People have ceased utilizing beauty to attain ascension to a place where we can experience appreciation for the truly beautiful on a much deeper, spiritual level.
In order to understand how a breach between morality and beauty has taken place it is important to ...

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...pire longing for goodness and truth" (Nehamas 2). It is evident here that it is not passion or desire that causes the breach between beauty and morality, rather it truly is a lack of philosophical understanding in people thus they simply view beautiful things as aesthetically pleasing and nothing more.
In conclusion, though the ascent to understanding true beauty begins with physical desire and beauty with a lower case b, in a philosophical individual, or one who loves knowledge, eventually one will reach a place of understanding Beauty with capital B or beauty in its pure form. Beauty in its pure form is precisely what is moral, it is the source or all morality, however, since art or beautiful things are more commonly regarded for their aesthetics alone and no ascension takes place, that Beauty is never tasted, thus causing a breach between beauty and morality.

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