Comparing Peter Berger and C. Wright Mills Essay examples

Comparing Peter Berger and C. Wright Mills Essay examples

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On reading the excerpts by Peter Berger and C. Wright Mills, it is obvious that these two sociologists have very different methods as to how the practice of sociology should be conducted. While these two authors may differ in their various methods, they both have an underlying point that they are trying to make which can be made applicable in any person’s daily life.
The main point behind Peter Berger’s work Introduction to Sociology is that in order to find out the truth about a person or perhaps a situation, one must take a deeper look than just looking at the deceptive superficial surface. He starts off making this point by saying that not everything is as clear as it may appear. The world that we live in has many different sides to it. The general public is usually not aware of all these different aspects of our world. Berger uses the term “cultural shock,” which refers to the sudden impact on a person by entering into a completely different culture not previously experienced by that person, to describe the way that a person feels when they first uncover a sociological aspect of the world. This shocking discovery takes place when a person’s eyes are opened to the environment around them and they perceive more than just the obvious, regardless of how drastic or subtle the realization may be. One example that Berger uses to aid in describing this phenomenon is when someone discovers that money going to their church is actually being contributed to a business that manufactures projectile weapons. While not all realizations are this dramatic, it still arouses a sense of enthusiasm within the discoverer. Once Berger fully explains how this sociological phenomenon takes place, he goes on to warn the reader that sociology is not fo...

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...ry back of the classroom everyday because of the obstacle that the stairs present, making it difficult to even hear the teacher. It is amazing just how different a situation can seem when it is looked at from a completely different perspective, and I believe it is this striking realization that both Berger and Mills are trying to get their readers to discover.
In closing, both works by Berger and Mills make it obvious that the two men share different ideas on how the practice of sociology should be conducted. While some of their ideas may vary, they both share a fundamental point that they are trying to get across that can be applied in any person’s daily life.

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