Comparing Odysseus and Gilgamesh

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Two men and their cities are they really that different?
We have read two stories of so call hero and what they go through in their lives. In the following paper I would like to talk to you about Odysseus and Gilgamesh and how we can see them as either the same or different. Odysseus and Gilgamesh were two heroes from two different areas, but both were in search for the meaning of life, and have a story to tell about adventures.
Odysseus and his city of Ithaca
The Odyssey is a popular read because of the great adventures that Odysseus goes through on his return home. His return home takes him 20 years. Throughout the story we read about many of the triumphs that Odysseus gets through in order to make it home. When reflecting on the story of Odysseus we can see the theme of homecoming is very prevalent. Almost the whole story is based on his homecoming, and the adventures that he endures to get there. The books in The Odysseys are based on the stories of Odysseus. Odysseus in the readings is pretreated as a man that is very smart and can cheat his way out of anything that he gets himself and his men into. I feel like he was always prepared through his many adventures, no matter what was going on he had a plan to make sure the he got through it maybe not his men but he for sure was going to make it thought it all. An example of this would be the Trojan horse. Another example in the reading would be when he is at the cave of the Cyclops, when he tells him his name is “Nobody”. (Brian Wilkie, 2001) (O'Lone, 2014)
When reading the stories of Odysseus we can see that there many things that Odysseus cannot related to anyone else. This is because he has experience things that no one else has and it makes it hard for people to believe him. Looking at his aspect he too is alone and has no one to relate to. This makes things hard for him, but at the same time people are drawn to him to listen to his stories.
At first it was hard for me to see how Odysseus was a hero other than the facts of him being in war, and all the challenges that he overcame to make it back home.

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He is also a hero in my opinion of not giving up doing everything that was necessary for him to do to make sure that he returns. The only time in the story I find this not to be true is when he gets stuck on the island of Calypso.
Gilgamesh and his city of Uruk
The story of Gilgamesh and his city of Uruk is a story about searching for the meaning of life also. Gilgamesh is a popular read for its similarities and its differences with that of the story of Noah’s Arce and other related Bible stories. Some of the themes that we can see in the story are homecoming, guest/host relationships, and household and recognition. I first read this story in high school and my class really struggled with the reading. I know after reading Gilgamesh this semester I can understand the reading better than I did the first time. I was able to point out some of things that I never really seen the first time. When reading Gilgamesh we can see that the theme of homecoming is not really that prevalent, but when you stop to think about it you can see it. You can see it in the since that at the end of the book. When we can understand that he has made peace with himself and the he now feels at home in a way that he can carry on with his life. Yes him still long to have his friend back, but he knows that what is done is done and he cannot change that. (Brian Wilkie, 2001) (O'Lone, 2014)
Gilgamesh is one of the greatest pieces of literature know to the modern scholars. The story its-self can open mind to much deeper thinking and processing of information. Gilgamesh is not so much written as a story, it’s more written as a poem that tells a story. So we should be saying the Poem of Gilgamesh instead of the story of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh is a king who rules over the city of Uruk. Throughout the reading Gilgamesh can be found to be described as a hero. He is a hero that knows the most of all the men, and is two-thirds a god, and the strongest of all men. He is described and said to be the “perfect” man. But because he was known as being the perfect man he had no one that he could relate to no one wanted to be his friend because they did not want to be compared to the man that was known as the perfect man. This is similar to that of the story of Noah’s Arce in that to me Noah felt isolated and did not have any friends. He was too busy listening to God that he pushed out everything that everyone was saying about him. Another great similarity that they two men share is they both endure a great flood. (Brian Wilkie, 2001) (O'Lone, 2014)
When reading the whole story of Gilgamesh you will read about the myth of Gilgamesh. We can see that the myth states that the Gods responded to prayers and sent Enkidu to challenge Gilgamesh. Enkidu is to challenge Gilgamesh to a wrestling match. The people of the city are cheering for Enkidu to win so that Gilgamesh is no longer known as the perfect man. But when neither of the two men win the wrestling match they become friends because Gilgamesh know now that he has meet his match and he is no longer the only perfect person. The two mean become friends and go on to travel the world together and take on many adventures together. Towards the end of the reading the two mean come across some hard times and Enkidu ends up dying. After Enkidu’s death Gilgamesh becomes disconsolate, he does not know what to do and no longer feel like he had anyone that he can related to and be friends with. He starts to seek out the secret of immortality from the sage Utnapishtim. However Gilgamesh cannot retrieve the sea plant which has the properties of immortality. But when the Plant is devoured by a serpent, he returns crest fallen to Uruk to live the rest of his life there in this city of Uruk. There in the city of Uruk he is longing to have his friend back to have the person that he could relate to the most. The one person that he felt like was the only person who truly understood him. (Brian Wilkie, 2001) (O'Lone, 2014)
Gilgamesh is truly a hero to his city of Uruk? Or was he just a man that had to be brought down to the cities level in order to function as the rest of his people. To know what they go through when they lose the one person they feel they can connect with wither it be a friend or a loved one. In the end Gilgamesh became a better man do that mean he gained more friends after Enkidu’s death or where the people still weary of Gilgamesh? But over all I feel that the reading of Gilgamesh was a story about a hero and his city that he calls home and how no matter what happens in life he will always come back home to his city of Uruk.
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Taking examples from the reading in your book, and was looking at an example of a comparison I found on line .

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