Essay about Comparing My Reading Habits And Household Chores

Essay about Comparing My Reading Habits And Household Chores

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“Recently Spotted 103-Year-Old Orca is Bad News for SeaWorld – Here’s Why” is just one example of an attention grabbing headline. These types of headlines draw me in and make me click on the link. I would describe myself as someone who easily gets drawn into these links and makes the curious side of me come out. This curiosity is how I would describe my leisure time reading, but most of the time I would compare my reading habits to household chores. I make this comparison due to the fact that most people do not enjoy household chores, but they must complete them to either avoid living in filth or to avoid being nagged by your parents, siblings or spouse. The comparison relates to my reading habits because a majority of the time I am being forced to read for such things as school. I complete these readings, not because I enjoy it, but because I want good grades in the same sense that I complete household chores to please those around me. The way that I approach reading and household chores is the same, which is why the avatar fits my reading character perfectly.
My approach to reading is that it is a chore. It is something that has to be done to satisfy others. Personally, I am a semi-procrastinator, in which I do not wait until the last day to complete a task, but I wait until a couple days before it is due to start working on it. An example of this would be a 1,000 word paper for my American History class that I took in the spring. The requirements that we had to read an assigned book and write a 1,000 word analysis every 3 weeks. I would wait until about 3 or 4 days before it was due and then rapidly read the book and immediately write the analysis so I would not forget what I had read. After every time that I did this I realiz...

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...end and always wanting more. A comparison between the two is that the shorter the reading is, the more likely I am to read it quickly and comprehend it. Once the reading becomes too long I view it as a chore and I am not wanting to read more. My participation in reading is based on the length of the work and not necessarily how long the work is.
Participation in reading is essential because reading is all around the world. Social media is everywhere and the world is very complex is you are not interested in any form of reading. My participation in reading is heavily on the social media side. The main things that I read are from social media and my general knowledge of the world also comes from the previously stated sites. The participation in required reading is not as strong but it is still there because I feel required to do it, just as I would a household chore.

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