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Comparing Muhammad and Jesus Essay

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Author, William E. Phipps, made an excellent comparison between Muhammad and Jesus in this book and gives the readers an insight into the background of Muslim and Christian religions. Phipps made it very obvious that these two men were dynamic spiritual leaders of the world’s two of the most influential religions. Although they were separated by more than six centuries, they led extraordinarily similar lives. He believed both Jesus and Muhammad represented the same God, taught about God’s love for mankind, and claimed that their way was the truth. Their lives have impacted millions of people into believing in one true God. They had humble beginnings, provided new teachings, introduced revolutionary new paths for their followers, and they had an enormous impact on the way people view spirituality. They never wrote a book; however, their followers recorded the eyewitness accounts of Jesus’ life and words in the New Testament, and detailed account of Muhammad’s revelations from God in Quran. Muhammad was able to unite different groups of Arabs under Islam, while Jesus brought reconciliation between God and mankind.
Although their views of God were different, both men taught about one true God who is the ultimate judge of all mankind, however, this is the point where similarities end and disparities begin. Phipps noted remarkable differences between the two leaders as to how they received their instructions from God. Jesus Christ directly received His instructions from God Himself. On the other hand, Muhammad received God’s revelation from the angel Gabriel. Phipps also emphasized that Muhammad did not believe in any assurance of salvation and that atonement for sins was necessary. He taught that those who do good deeds will be re...

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... new insight into their lives, incredible similarities between their lives, and their teachings. The details presented by Phipps about these two spiritual leaders took me back in time when these two walked on the face of this earth and given me a new perspective of their attitudes toward people, their teachings, their views of God and spirituality. I would definitely recommend this book to my class and to anyone who wants to gain deeper understanding about Islam and Christianity.
In conclusion, there have been more wars and battles waged in the name of religion than anything else; it does not hurt to keep an open mind by educating ourselves about other religions. Education leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to understanding and once we achieve an understanding about diverse religions, we will realize they all have an underlying message of love, hope, and peace.

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