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Comparing Management Structure Essay

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In this report the industry context will be analysed using three contrasting hospitality businesses. The contrasting hospitality businesses will be Wivenhoe House as a boutique hotel, Milsom’s, which describes itself as ‘relaxed bar/ brasserie and hotel’ (Milsoms, n.d.) and Novotel near tower bridge. The management structure will be compared in each of these three businesses and staffing deployment and operational characteristics will also be discussed. The three business’ products and services will be evaluated critically and recommendations will be given as well. Finally one guest satisfaction system will be chosen for each business and will be discussed to see if the system helps the business to respond to changing customer needs.
Management structure
A management structure which is also known as an organisational structure is a way of showing the hierarchical arrangement of a business and the way the businesses’ chain of command works. This is normally shown in a chart form. See below for an example.

Michael J. O’Fallon and Denney G. Rutherford (n.d.)

There are different types of management structure for example, tall vs. flat. Tall organisations have many levels of hierarchy whereas flat management structures have few levels of hierarchy. Also in a flat management structure, the span of control (the number of people reporting to one person) is wide, meaning that tasks must be distributed. This may be seen as a disadvantage because if there are many people reporting to one manager it may be harder for the managers to retain control which in turn may have a bad effect on the business and the guest. (BBC, n.d.).
Another definition of span of control is “the number of subordinates which a manager can easil...

... middle of paper ...

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