Comparing Julius Caesar And Tupac Shakur Essay

Comparing Julius Caesar And Tupac Shakur Essay

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“‘Et tu, Brute?”” (Shakespeare 3. 1. 77.). These are the famous last words of the beloved Julius Caesar after he was stabbed by his closest friend, Marcus Junius Brutus, and his fellow conspirators. Even though this event took place thousands of years ago, there are still many occasions like this that still happen in today’s society. To extend, one of the more famous ones of the modern era was the feud between East Coast rapper, Notorious B.I.G ,and West Coast rapper, Tupac Shakur. Finally, there are many similarities and differences between Julius and Brutus, and Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. that are seen throughout their relationships.
Julius Caesar was one of Rome’s most famous dictators of that time. Julius Caesar was born around July 12th or 13th, 100 B.C. ( Editors). Cassius states, “”For once, upon a raw and gusty day, the troubled Tiber chafing with her shores, Caesar said to me “Dar’st thou Cassius, now leap in with me into this angry flood and swim to yonder point?” Upon the word, accoutered as I was, I plunged in and bade him follow. So indeed he did. The torrent roared and we did buffet it with lusty sinews, throwing it aside and stemming it with hearts of controversy. But ere we Could arrive the point proposed, Caesar cried, “Help me Cassius, or I sink”” (Shakespeare 1. 2. 100-111.). In that story, Cassius describes how Caesar dared him to swim across the Tiber, and Caesar swam with him. However, when they were almost across, Caesar got tired and couldn’t swim anymore, so Cassius had to go back and save the future Roman dictator. Thirteen years before Julius died, he defeated a Belgian tribe called the Nervii (Shakespeare 3. 2. 176.). Cassius explains, “I have heard where many of the best respect in Rome ...

... middle of paper ... this modern era was the feud between East Coast rapper, Notorious B.I.G ,and West Coast rapper, Tupac Shakur. Their similarities and differences between Julius and Tupac, and Brutus and Notorious B.I.G. are apparent in their lives.

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