Comparing Julius Caesar And Gaius Caesar Essay

Comparing Julius Caesar And Gaius Caesar Essay

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Two Caesars
The contrast between Julius Caesar and Gaius Caesar, also known as Caligula, can be distinguished quite easily. Julius Caesar was a powerful dictator, whose name is remembered as one of the great Roman leaders, and the last dictator of the Roman Republic. Caligula, a Roman emperor, is known as the complete opposite and is known to be a crazy cruel vindictive leader. Julius Caesar worked hard gaining the power he had when he was assassinated. Caligula, on the other end of the spectrum, had the power fall into his hands when Tiberius fell ill and the senate named Caligula the sole emperor of Rome. The lives of Julius Caesar and Caligula give an insight to the lives of Roman emperors in the first century.
Julius Caesar the divine, lost his father at the age of 16 and was nominated to office high-priest of Jupiter one year later. He refused Cossutia and married Cornelia, the daughter of Cinna, (4 times consul) and had their only daughter, Julia. Julius served his first campaign with the Praetors in Asia and is elected Military Tribune after he returns to Rome and assists restoring tribunician authority, which was diminished during Sylla. During his quaestorship, Julius arranged funerals for his aunt and his wife. Julius then married Pompeia, the daughter of Quintus Pompeius, but then later divorced her due to suspicion of her participating in sensual pleasures with Publius Clodius. In 62, Julius Caesar is Praetor, a Roman magistrate that ranks below consul, dealing mostly with judicial functions. Julius gained much of his military experience in Spain, 60 BCE.
In 59 BCE, at the age of 40, Caesar is elected consul and creates an informal Triumvirate with Crassus and Pompey. The triumvirate marked Caesars determination to ...

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...s being moral. I think Caligula acted cruel and could very well have been insane. I think Caesar had good intentions of protecting the Roman Republic, while Caligula had no worthy intentions at all.
Caesar was a well-liked dictator, while Caligula was an emperor who was hated by the people. The difference between the two rulers is drastic. Caesar was an infamous ruler, who had intentions of restoring and saving the Roman Republic. Caligula used his powers in a way that Rome did not benefit. The two rulers give an insight to the lives of both, the strong, powerful rulers and the bad, cruel rulers. Some rulers, like Caligula were selfish, while rulers like Caesar, enjoyed their power, but had intentions of expanding Rome. The way the two rulers differentiate from each other, gives insight to the different types of leaders, and the way they lived in the first century.

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