Comparing Glaucon 's And Socrates ' Differing Views On Justice And Their Different Viewpoints On The Matter

Comparing Glaucon 's And Socrates ' Differing Views On Justice And Their Different Viewpoints On The Matter

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This paper will introduce and analyze Glaucon’s and Socrates’ differing views on justice and their different viewpoints on the matter. Glacon claims that justice is about taking a position but when others act unjustly, this can be to their harm. An individual realizes that doing something wrong can benefit them. Glacon believes that Justice belongs in the first group which he believes justice is valued only as a necessary evil. Socrates believes that Justice belongs in the second group which is the highest class of goods. I agree more with the argument of Socrates than Glaucon because I believe that we want to be valued for our actions and the benefit to fulfill ourselves and others.
Overtime, philosophers believed in three types of goods. According to Glaucon, all goods can be divided into three types: the first one is things that we desire only for their consequences, such as exercising and medical treatments. The second is things that we desire only for their own sake such as going to an amusement park; it delights us for awhile, but it does not last a long time. and, the third group are things we desire both for their own sake and for what we get from them, such as knowledge, sight, and health.
Glaucon sees justice as a need that has a negative side. In other words, a person is protected from others’ unjust acts but in return, the person must not continue any unjust acts. if the person does commit an unjust act, that person should expect to suffer some kind of punishment. Glaucon sees justice as the outcome of humanity’s frailty. Unjust actions have bad repercussions on others, so people agreeing to stop them protects the self as well as others. Justice may hurt but without it the hurt would be greater.
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...rson, but the guilt, anxiety and depression bears down upon the unjust. Socrates believes that Justice is not something external but it is within ourselves to be just because people believe themselves to be the best in their own areas. To support what he is discussing, he makes a comparison to a sick human body. If things get out of control, then a person crumbles.
I agree with Socrates viewpoint of justice because I believe it does depend on the stance I am taking in regards to human nature. I am assuming that human beings are intrinsically self-devoted beings. The potential to be just is beneficial to the person and that’s what makes the action just. By delving in self-interest, one has the potential to benefit not only the whole community, but one 's very self. You need others to fulfill your own selfish desires and you must benefit others to benefit yourself.

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