Essay about Comparing Edward I and Barak Obama

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One of the greatest kings during medieval times was Edward the First also called “Longshanks”, he for sure was the king that accomplished the most, from all the kings that lived during the middle ages, and you will know why when you read about the rest of his life. His personality made everyone that lived in his kingdom love him, and his decisions made his kingdom safe and wealthy. Edward the first was born in June 1239, his father was Henry III and his mother was Eleanor of Provence. Edward’s parents were well known for valuing the arts and because of that Edward learned to read and write in 3 different languages (Latin, English and French); he was thought about art and also learned the sciences and music. This was a very good education. When Edward was 15, in 1254 he got married to Eleanor of Castile who was then 9 years old and he had 16 children from her until she died, in 1290, so then Edward got married to Margaret and had 3 more children. Edward lived from 1239 to 1307 which is 68 years and he died when he was 68 because of a sickness (“Edward I, King of England. Born 1239, died 1307. Reign 1272 – 1307”, 2011). King Edward was known as very impatient, intelligent and determined. Edward held to the idea of community and even though at times he got aggressive, he tried to keep the idea of community in his mind. Edward didn’t have any actual hobbies, but he was very interested in education and military campaigns, a major campaign was to control Wales (“Edward I, Longshanks (1272-1307 AD)”, 2005). Edward was the most successful king. In 1296 Edward invaded Scotland and defeated the Scots who at that time where under the ruling of Baliol D Baliol, and then the barons were for...

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...e. All of the things he accomplished market the history of England and the hearts of his people and that is why Edward will always be remembered.

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