Essay about Comparing Designers

Essay about Comparing Designers

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For my comparison paper I had a very tough time deciding whose work I would really be able to compare mine to, the work I do mostly consists of 2d elements printed on a 3d item, mostly focusing on apparel design. The majority of my work is done for packaging or t-shirt design for bands. There are many designers out there most of them self taught that work in the apparel design market, with so many out there choosing someone to compare my work to was not easy. Graphic designer Kelly Scott Orr is currently the in house designer at Drive Thru records based out of Los Angeles, this record label basically established the pop punk genre that is ever so popular today. He also owns and designs apparel for his company Burn This Forever, is in the band Teen Hearts, and does client based commission work. The reason I chose Kelly was because he and I share a similar style of design and our designs cater to a younger demographic. Throughout this paper I will compare and contrast the social, visual, and physical elements of my apparel designs to his.
Socially our designs share the idea that these shirts are designed to be a sellable product that will attract a certain youth demographic, some would say this demographic would be 12-25 year old males and females who are into a specific genre of music and style somewhat associated with the hipster culture that is popular today. The success of these designs is based upon creating visually appealing graphic elements tied with type, mostly the company or bands identity and highly saturated hues. We both share the drive to establish our own company and promote the brand; this can be seen in the Burn This Forever picture enclosed, as well as with my Nevernood clothing line. In contrast my work is mos...

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...t designs, most of my designs could be considered designs on a budget consisting mostly of 2 color designs(3). There is a business or somewhat chaos to Kelly’s designs giving the viewer a lot to look at and take in; my designs tend to be more minimal with the company name being the most present element of the design.
When it comes to physical aspects of our work its very similar the designs are done in programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. They are printed in the same screen-printed method with the same plasticide ink. The designs are printed onto apparel items mostly consisting of t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts but could range to a number of 3d objects. I’m not quite sure how the physical elements of this contrast because they are essentially 2d designs printed on a 3d form being apparel and printed in the same fashion with the same medium.

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