Comparing Contemporary Politics to Plato's "The Republic" Essay

Comparing Contemporary Politics to Plato's "The Republic" Essay

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Contemporary politics seems to more closely reflect Thraysmachus’ view of justice more so than Plato’s. Contemporary is defined as belonging to the present time adding on to it, politics, which are decisions and actions between parties with power.
In “The Republic”, Socrates asks Thraysmachus to give him the answer to his question of what justice is. Thraysmachus was a sophist, who charged people for wisdom. The battle of seeking the true meaning of justice began when Socrates and Polemarchus were arguing. Thraysmachus got annoyed from there argument going back and forth because Socrates kept asking questions but did not give an opinion of his own on what he defines justice as. Thraysmachus tells Socrates to pay him the fee for obtaining the wisdom and he will give him the answers to his questions.
Thraysmachus’ view of justice is based upon the stronger party. He tells Socrates that justice is the right to do things that are in the interest of the stronger party. The interest of the stronger party is stated in “The Republican” as such: “the ruling class in any state will forcibly exact a certain type of behavior from its subject to suit its own interests”. In other words, it is the right of the subjects to obey the rules proposed to them by the ones who make the laws, the stronger party. Thraysmachus adds on that what is “right” for the subjects is also in the interest of the stronger party and anyone who goes against their interest will be breaking the law.
Socrates brings on another question if those in power in the different states are infallible or not. Thraysmachus responds to this, as those in power are liable to make mistakes. But Socrates refutes to the answers given to him and Thraysmachus thinks Socrates is maliciou...

... middle of paper ...

...s is where I agree with Thraysmachus’ argument.
In conclusion, “The Republic” is one of the “great books” of Western Philosophy because it discuses the real meaning of justice. The true meaning of justice shows how we can have an ideal society without corruption. Instead of thinking only about the self, it leads people to think about others on the same note. This book also pushes people to learn about why injustice is not always the way to go, and there is better life out there if one does not take the path of wrongdoing. If everyone followed the path of justice it would create some type of change in the society as a whole. This book changes the perspective on how the society should run. This book taught me that if the world had no corruption and we had an ideal society, it would put an end to a significant amount of problems that are happening all around the world.

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