Comparing Canada and Sweden's Childcare Policies and Programs Essay

Comparing Canada and Sweden's Childcare Policies and Programs Essay

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Comparing Canada and Sweden’s Childcare Policies and Programs

Systems of Government
Sweden is a parliamentary democracy, which means the citizens of Sweden create the momentum for control and public power comes from the people (Department, 2011). In Sweden the Prime Minister, liberal conservative Moderate Party John Fredrik Reinfeldt, and the Cabinet Ministers form the system of government (Sweden, 2014). Under the Constitution, the Swedish Parliament (Riksdag) make decisions and the Swedish Government and not the Head of State, or the monarch, is empowered to implement the decisions (Sweden, 2014). Since 1973, Sweden’s Head of State has been King Carl XVI Gustaf, who is regularly informed of the nations concerns but he holds no political powers (Department, 2011). Sweden has three levels of government, which include: national, regional and local (Sweden, 2014). Similar to Sweden, Canada is a democratic constitutional monarchy, with a Sovereign as Head of State, which is Queen Elizabeth II (Government of Canada, 2013). Queen Elizabeth II is the Monarch, Leader of Commonwealth, Canada’s formal Head of State and the head of both the executive and legislative branches (Government of Canada, 2013). Canada has an elected Prime Minister, currently Progressive Conservative Stephen Harper, as head of government. Canada has three tiers within a federal system of parliamentary government, in which the federal, provincial and territorial governments share responsibilities and carry out functions (Government of Canada, 2013). It is clear that both Sweden and Canada have very similar governmental systems and I will now share each nations social welfare state regime.
Welfare State Regime’s
Welfare state can be defined as the governm...

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