Comparing Brittney Cooper 's Article ' Between The World And Me ' Essay

Comparing Brittney Cooper 's Article ' Between The World And Me ' Essay

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There is truly a fine line between physical discipline and abuse, and many times in the black community, that line is crossed. This topic is centered on discussions found in both Brittney Cooper’s article published on The Salan entitled “The Racial Parenting Divide” and Ta-Nehisi Coates’ novel “Between The World and Me” . Both parallel one another in the ideas exhibited in their pieces. The article written by Cooper confesses the often times TOO authoritative parenting style that black parents use to discipline their children while Between the World and Me gives a first hand acknowledgement of that. Coates’ life testimonials throughout Between the World and the examples given by Cooper in her article both serve as a prime example to the fine line of abuse that is often crossed in the black community. The physical discipline displayed in both pieces and experienced by black children everywhere, often times doesn 't look like “discipline” at all, but rather the purest definition of abuse, and thus, needs to be rethought in the African American community.
In Cooper’s article, she recounts the instance of Adrian Peterson “disciplining” his 4 year old son by using a switch, ultimately leaving his son with bruises and scars on portions of his body. Peterson may have later acknowledged his wrongdoing, but in the moment he dismissed his actions, finding little understanding of his misconduct due to the fact that he “remembers how it feels to get whooped with an extension cord.” Cooper explains that Peterson was simply using the means of “discipline” that was exposed to him as a child which has essentially been placed onto his son. Looking for the root of the issue, one can conclude that African Americans believe that the best way to di...

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...and physical discipline in the black household and throughout the community is something that is long overdue. While the unconditional love does create a healthy parent-child relationship, the methods of physical discipline used by the parent, must be thoroughly thought through before acting upon them. We all believe that we the way we were raised has to be translated to our offspring, but that is not alway the case. We must closing determine the balance between authority and love to produce a healthy and effective form of tough love parenting. But furthermore me must not allow the same lack of respect the outside world has for our bodies to be translated in our communities or homes. The fine line is very important because abusive behavior is never effective way of discipline, which is why African Americans must totally rethink their methods of psychical discipline.

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