Comparing Blainey 's Account Of Life During The Period 1500-1800 With Your Observations About How People Live Today

Comparing Blainey 's Account Of Life During The Period 1500-1800 With Your Observations About How People Live Today

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To answer this question, compare Blainey’s account of life in the period 1500-1800 with your observations about how people live today.

Introduction [250words]

In your introduction, you need to introduce the topic to the reader, and say what you will do in the rest of your essay.

World history is the best way to understand how the society of today has developed and change, especially if we are referring to western civilization.

As we currently consider that many people do not have the jobs they need, or having to learn new trades or skills because many jobs are becoming obsolete with the continuous advent or development of working robots and machine technology, the real question is are we in a better situation or worse situation in comparison to our ancestors back in the 1500 to 1800?

As we read through the history we will be able to find the reality of humanity before the development of the technology we enjoy today; it would only be appropriate to compare and analyse the positive and negative of the proposed questions and arguments.

It is only predictable that some people will argue that as a society we have to learn from our past mistakes and others will put forward, the argument that development is the only way forward, I would argue rather than looking at opposite ends of an argument we need to find a common ground; appreciate and learn from the past and develop a better future.

Summary of life in 1500-1800 [500words]

In this section you need to clearly summarise the most relevant parts of the Blainey chapter. This section should be cited properly using the Harvard system. You will need to acknowledge the source of your information through expressions such as ‘Blainey describes…’ or ‘Blainey ex...

... middle of paper ... lessened drastically.

A very important distinction to make is that although child labour is no completely eradicated for most of the western world, most people believe this idea it is not acceptable, and the world community in general is concerned about creating a global change were no children should be forced to work and instead allow children to have an infancy and education.

Also, I am always surprised how in the western world, people are always discussing the next best diet or about the overeating epidemic, while people in the undeveloped countries are suffering from malnutrition and disease. So I believe that better distribution and availabilities of basic necessary and we must implement them in order to offer everyone the same basic right to food consumption and general wellbeing, and perhaps more people need to be less greedy in their self-consumption.

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