Comparing Bix Beiderbeck And Louis Armstrong Essay

Comparing Bix Beiderbeck And Louis Armstrong Essay

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Lee-Yang Hsieh

Bix Beiderbeck and Louis Armstrong, both legendary jazz musicians and trumpet players, had quite a different career and life. They received different levels of recognition at the time. This is not because of their style, as they both are legendary complex stylists who are great at messing with the beat, but rather the changes they bring to the world of jazz. Bix Beiderbecke defined and performed great jazz music while Louis Armstrong revolutionized jazz and innovated numerous performing techniques that led to the jazz we love today.
Bix Beiderbecke was born in early 1900s, grew up in the heart of America in a German-American family. Since he was young, he had the talent to pick out while perfectly well play any tune he had come across. He was a musical boy and often listened to New Orleans music that at the time was recorded on initial Dixieland jazz band that featured Nick La Rocca who at the time, was their main trumpet player. He also listened to Louis Armstrong as well as Emmett Hardy and other popular artists at the time on Mississippi banks. He owned a classical piano at his home (Collier, p. 3). He attended piano classes and he often grasped what he learned to replay it later on. He was send to Lake Forest Academy to advance his education and this movement collided with the musicians movements who rushed to Chicago seeking economic advantages. This economic movement of musicians who came into Chicago had a significant impact on the career of Bix becuase he often listened to their music and imitate their style of music.
He listened to Louis Armstrong music and other musicians who were playing jazz music in Chicago at the time. As a result, it is clearly evident ...

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...ctive of jazz changed all the forthcoming jazz singers who had a lot to learn from him, including Bix who learnt a lot from Louis Armstrong. Two of his most famous hit sounds were “What a Wonderful World” as well as “Hello Dolly” among others. The emotions attached to his music is what attracted most people and led to the spread of his music. The charm present in the music was also adored and enjoyed by many.
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