Comparing Behaviorism And Theory Of Socialization Essay

Comparing Behaviorism And Theory Of Socialization Essay

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Martha Gomez
HDF 378L
Comparing Behaviorism and SLT With Respect to Fostering Socialization
Socialization is a process by which one learns the behaviors and skills that are appropriate and useful in socially acceptable ways within a society. It develops when parents teach their children different values, attitudes and behaviors that are appropriate to a specific society. Socialization is important because it includes the different aspects and expected behaviors that help us function as a society. These aspects of socialization include gender role formation, prosocial behavior, self-regulation, and self-efficacy. There are different perspectives about how to socialize children in order for them to become good citizens in our society. These perspectives come from a group of behaviorist and social learning theorists. Behaviorists such as Watson believed that children learn through systems such as conditioning in which reinforcement and punishment promotes prosocial behavior. In contrast, social learning theorists such as Bandura, believe that children can learn behavior simply by observation, or imitation. Both behaviorism and social learning theory can provide different ways to socialize children. This paper compares and contrasts the theorist’s beliefs about how parents should foster the socialization of their children and how they agree and disagree when using physical discipline, using direct reinforcement vs. vicarious reinforcement, exposing children to role models, and closely monitoring the tv shows children watch. The paper ends with the theory that I believe provides the framework for parents.
Behaviorists’ theorists believe that development is governed by internal forces, or by the individual’s own form of experie...

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...y. The theory that I believe provides the framework for parents is social learning theory because a lot of the behaviorists’ approaches overlapped SLT. A significant result of socialization observational learning is when parents expose children to positive environments of observation, such as watching a television series that features multicultural families, children are exposed to different ethnic groups and this may influence their behavior in a positive way. Furthermore, cognition and the social environment are important factors for learning; this can be more advantageous because the learner needs to have a mental representation of the observed behaviors, therefore children making their own evaluations based on what they already know. Social learning theory has provided many concepts for helping us understand how environmental factors can help shape behavior.

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