Comparing Barbies And Mud Fights Essay

Comparing Barbies And Mud Fights Essay

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Barbies and Mud Fights
Equality in gender roles have come a long way. From women not having a say in anything they did, to being able to do just about anything men can do. However, stereotypes and sexism still hang around today for both genders. Many people still believe that women “belong in the kitchen” and it’s not even just men who believe this. Some women were raised where all they were allowed to do is cook, clean, and care for the kids and as they grow and have kids of their own some habits stick around and they continue to pass these things on.
It 's the early 2000’s. The kitchen at the farm was bright and cheerful with it’s soft pink walls and cabinets. The dark wood floors and the rug that always gets in everybody’s way. This is where we lived while at the farm, whether it’s preparing meals with my grandma, or washing dishes when everyone is done. My sisters and I stand in the kitchen washing the dishes after the wonderful breakfast that my grandma had taught us how to prepare that morning. My little sister stands on a cooler while I stand on the step stool so we can reach the sink and listen as my older sister explains how the assembly line works: I wash, Hannah (my little sister) rinses, and Alex ( my older sister) dries. The sun shines through the window in front of us while we stand there still in our comfortable pajamas, hair pulled back and ready to work.
At the farm my grandma would teach us how to cook and clean. Every meal we would prepare with her. She didn 't make it a chore though, it was fun to us, and we even got our own cook books. We would set the tables and go call out to my grandpa and his workers when the food was done. My little sister and I looked up to my older sister and grandma who taught ...

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.... It really is a job of its own.
Gender roles work in some situations. For instance, in some families it 's just how they run things because that 's what works for them. But when someone has to hide who they truly are, hide something they love doing, or is asked to be someone they 're not all because they 're afraid of not being socially accepted then things need to change. No one has the place to tell someone how to live their life. What is “socially acceptable” anyway? While one person might think it is outrageous for a guy to be on the cheer team, one might think it 's awesome and inspiring. Social acceptance shouldn 't be about fitting into ideas that one finds normal. Your gender should not define who you are, how you live your life, and influence the choices you make because I 'd choose mud fights before I’d ever think about picking up a Barbie.

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