Comparing 1984 And The Movie Minority Report Essay

Comparing 1984 And The Movie Minority Report Essay

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The perfect society always exist in one form or another in everyone’s minds. The only problem with this is that no one ever thinks about the negatives of these societies. Comparing and contrasting this book and movie will show us how great and how terrible these places really are. The book 1984 and the movie Minority Report, have many striking differences as well as similarities. These differences and similarities can be seen throughout the setting, main characters, and themes in both 1984 and Minority Report.
The setting in 1984 is Air Strip One, Oceania which was formerly known as London, England. The setting in this book is quite different from today’s society. All of the luxuries of life have been stripped right out of these people 's hands. In Oceania, the government is set up as an “oligarchical collective” with three sub-parties within the main government. The three sub-parties include the ruling class (Inner Party), the middle class (Outer Party), and lastly the lower class (The Proles). Out of all three of these classes, only the Inner Party has access to luxuries such as real coffee, sugar, and milk. The majority of Oceania’s population lives in poverty as well as fear of Big Brother and the Thought Police. The Big Brother and Thought Police use telescreens to watch the peoples’ every move. In the movie the Minority Report the setting is the future of 2054 Washington, D.C. In this perfect society there has not been a single murder in over six years. The “PreCrime” unit uses three humans (Pre-Cogs) that have special powers to see into the future and predict murders before they actually happen. The PreCrime unit has to scramble to find where exactly the murder is going to happen with the information the Pre-Cogs provide...

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...le to control brings these two together very nicely. At the same time these themes contradict each other. In 1984, the government has absolute control over the people down to the amount of chocolate they receive each week as in Minority Report, the PreCrime unit only has control over the murders and killings in Washington, D.C. The theme of both these novels compare very well but they do have their differences.
When comparing and contrasting 1984 and Minority Report, many similarities and differences come to mind and stand out. As our world today is getting more technologically advanced than it was the day before, it is quite scary when comparing these two to think that one day this could be our world. The differences and similarities seen throughout the setting, main characters, and the themes in both 1984 and the Minority Report might be a warning to keep in mind.

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