Comparing And Contrasting Various Forms Of Motion Essay

Comparing And Contrasting Various Forms Of Motion Essay

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Comparing and Contrasting Various Forms of Motion in the Observable Universe
When one thinks about the different kinds of motion and energy, they may assume that all forms of motion are completely different. On the first day of AP Physics a student will be handed the standard-issue AP equation sheet and be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of individual formulas and think that they have to metamorphosis into a young Albert Einstein in order to understand the material. However, that is a common misconception. While, different forms of motion still have distinct attributes unique to themselves; they also have similarities that make these forms of motion and energy come together into a simple harmony. There are several steps to understand this. First, the each of the different types of motion will be discussed. Then, we will contrast Simple Harmonic Motion and waves to the other types of motion. Finally, we will compare each of the forms of motion and see how they come together.
There are many forms of motion, linear, centripetal, waves, and simple harmonic motion. Sometimes these forms of motion work in tandem. For example, when a car is driving the wheels are an example of several types of motion occurring. Although, they do work together on the occasion, different kinds of motion are more easily understood when they are acting on their own. Linear motion is simply when an object moves in a singular direction after being acted upon by a force. Then, centripetal motion occurs when an object is moving in a circle and the force is keeping it on the circular path. Waves and simple harmonic motion are forms of oscillatory motion; meaning that the object is moving backwards and forwards with an unchanging rate.
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...otion. Not only that, but centripetal motion and simple harmonic motion can also be graphed in the same fashion as waves. Finally, each and every kind of motion mentioned so far contains energy. Kinetic or potential energy, they have it. Otherwise it would not even be able to move and moving is definitely required for an object or wave to undergo a form of motion.
When one thinks of motion, they think of something moving. That is exactly right. All forms of motion are easily connected as simply as that. Once one starts to study physics this simple concept quickly gets blurred by the individual forms of energy and motion, but the root of it all remains the same. So, to the student looking at the next set of homework problems, to the scientist buried in his work, take a step back and think about it all. Finally, to the physics teacher behind it all, go easy on them.

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