Comparing and Contrasting The Films Let The Right One In And Let Me In Essay

Comparing and Contrasting The Films Let The Right One In And Let Me In Essay

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The two films "Let The Right One In" and "Let Me In" are both based on the same novel and made only two years apart. However, the "original" Swedish-based film "Let The Right One In" is in my opinion, and many critics also agree, is better than the "Americanized" remake "Let Me In" for various reasons. Beth Accomando summarizes the views best when she wrote, "anything good in the remake comes directly from the original" and I would add onto that the remake is not only just following the original but loses some qualities as well making it worse off.
Most of the arguments stem from the fact that not only were the two films made so close to each other but that the remake claims to be a fresh adaptation of the novel which many regard as being not that accurate as a reviewer states, "I've read the book, and there was certainly plenty left behind when Lindqvist wrote his screenplay. Unfortunately, Reeves hasn't really ferreted out anything new; on the contrary, there is actually less plot in Let Me In than in the Alfredson version." The original was all about how subtle it could be. It starts off slow and unravels as the protagonist get closer to this strange girl he has met. The remake goes in the complete opposite direction personally, but still holds a lot of the elements. For example the very first scene of the American version is a flash-foward in the plot featuring a disfigured man throwing himself off a roof apologizing to a barefoot girl who just climbed half of a hospital's height in seconds. This scene pretty much reveals that she is, one: not human and two: the man was not actually her father but still cared for her. In the original you don't get to see Eli, the vampire, in a "monster state" like you do with Abby, the name c...

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...a great American movie. There are notable similarities and the spirit of Tomas Alfredson is present. But Let me in puts the emotional pressure in different places and stands firmly on its own legs. Like the Swedish movie it made me cry, but not at the same points. Let me in is a dark and violent love story, a beautiful piece of cinema and a respectful rendering of my novel for which I am grateful. Again." However, one can't help but compare the two and in doing so the Swedish film is just regarded better by most, me included.

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