Comparing Advertisements for Caress and Secret Essay

Comparing Advertisements for Caress and Secret Essay

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Have you ever wondered where the saying, ‘a picture says a thousand words’, come from? Well, I do not know who came up with this fantastic phrase, but nonetheless, I will be describing and analyzing two different magazine advertisements, trying to put in words what I think the advertisers wanted consumers to receive when those potential buyers viewed their ads. The two advertisements that I chose, Caress and Secret, try to encourage female consumers of all ages to purchase their hygiene products. Although both ads, Caress and Secret, appeal to the same gender with hygiene goods, they differ in design, text, and message. They attempt to please the female buyer with color, texture, and sexuality. This makes it prevalent, that the agents must grab the attention of possible buyers in order to sell their product. The advertisers must choose a variety of marketing strategies to the reach their targeted consumers.
To start off, I will briefly discuss some background information pertaining to the specific advertisements wherein I chose, and some basic goals that an advertiser might have when preparing an ad. Moving along, the particular advertisements that I selected came from the magazines “Elle” and “O”, both of which focus on women of all ages, varying from young girls whose life is developing, to adults who life has matured. The advertisers’ goal is to capture the customer’s attention with the use of vivid photos, which draws in consumers of all ages. The advertisers’ also have to take into consideration what message they want to get across to potential buyers. A great deal of thought must go into the layout of the ad, the colors in which they chose, and the theme of the ad. The previously stated concepts are important...

... middle of paper ... the style of the ad and the theme of the product.
In conclusion, the Caress and Secret ads differ in their approach. After discussing the process of producing the ads and digging into the concept of selling the product, the well thought out plan to capture the desired audience is demonstrated when the agents orchestrate each pose and each gesture, in order for the consumers to grasp the idea that the artist is trying to articulate. In addition, it takes hard work with fresh ideas to produce various ads. The advertisers have to work hard in order to persuade buyers to purchase their products over others that they are in competition with. This means that the agents must grab the attention of all likely buyers in order to sell their product. I am a living proof that the ads really work when trying to accomplish that goal, because I bought those products.

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