Comparing Abraham Lincoln And Beowulf Essay

Comparing Abraham Lincoln And Beowulf Essay

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The definition of “hero” could possibly be the broadest characteristic or title to grant a human being. Many cultures throughout the history of the Earth have created their own ideas about how a hero should behave and live his life. Although past cultures have been different, the traits of a hero in each civilization are coincidentally analogous with each other. Possessing a warlike and barbaric essence, Beowulf, the protagonist of the only Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf, was praised as a leader and hero by the citizens of surrounding lands in northern Europe. Although not seen as a barbarian, Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States, was praised for his brilliant plans and resourceful thinking during times of hardship. Despite being from contrasting societies, Abraham Lincoln and Beowulf were both glorified for their heroic actions, but for different reasons.
The most obvious characteristic of being a hero is being praised by fellow people within the surrounding area. Both Beowulf and Lincoln were looked upon by fellow warriors and politicians, respectively, to lead their nations to glory and stop the suffering of the innocent citizens. After eliminating the demon dragon from the land surrounding Herot, Beowulf receives a grand party from Hrothgar “[a]nd then in the morning, crowds surrounded / Herot warriors coming to that hall / From faraway land, princes and leaders / Of men hurrying to behold the monster 's / Great staggering tracks” (518-522). The joy and excitement that Beowulf receives from doing such a simple task, in his eyes, is a perfect example of his continued support as a hero from his people. Likewise, Abraham Lincoln is regarded as one of the essential heroes in United States history. Lincoln, the ...

... middle of paper ... example of the characteristics of the present day hero.
As human civilizations continue and evolve, the never ending cycle of new heroic ideas and heroes will always exist in human culture. Each hero is a resemblance of their culture 's values and time period. Beowulf is a perfect figure to represent the warring and bloodthirsty era of the Anglo-Saxon whcich did not believe in life after death and had to live a life worth talking about for many years after death. On the other hand, Lincoln is a wonderful example of a modern day hero. He preached about God many of times in his debates within the government and even his Second Inaugural Address. The belief in God led him towards a more humble lifestyle in order to live a happier afterlife in Heaven. Heroes can be very identical on the surface, but what separates them is the civilization 's value and honor system.

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