Comparing A Tale Of 2 Cities And The Tv Show Essay

Comparing A Tale Of 2 Cities And The Tv Show Essay

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All creative works share common elements, such as character archetypes, conflicts, and themes; some parallels are just more striking than others. The comparison of A Tale of 2 Cities and the TV show, The Vampire Diaries, is an example of one that shares an abundance of striking parallels.
In A Tale of Two Cities, sacrifice is a significant theme. During Charles Darnay’s third trial, it is declared that he must die at the Guillotine. So many people are affected by this, as Darnay was a dear husband, son-in law, father, and friend to many. This leads Sydney Carton to sacrifice himself to the Guillotine in place of Charles Darnay. Carton believes everything he has done in his life was a waste, and that this sacrifice will be the most noble thing he will ever do. Furthermore, Carton says to Lucie Manette, “O Miss Manette, when the little picture of a happy father 's face looks up in yours, when you see your own bright beauty springing up anew at your feet, think now and then that there is a man who would give his life, to keep a life you love beside you!” Similarly, in The Vampire Diaries, sacrifice is also a major theme. For example, in Season 2, an Original Vampire, Klaus, wants to be a vampire and werewolf, a hybrid, so he can dominate the world. However, Elena must be killed as a sacrifice because her doppelgänger blood is needed to complete the ritual. Bonnie, Elena’s best friend, who is a witch, found a spell she can perform that will bring Elena back to life after she is dead. The only problem is that a human needs to be sacrificed. Elena’s “uncle John”, who is actually her father, says he will sacrifice himself. He knows he hasn’t been the greatest person during his lifetime and knows that Elena’s exis...

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...en the two works are broad, yet strong, rich, and ample. The similarities between these two works also show a very major difference between the time periods. In A Tale of 2 Cities, Lucie’s suitors are Darnay, Stryver, and Carton, but she knows once she chooses one, there is no turning back. This is because in the Victorian Era, divorce was looked down upon in society and women had little to no rights in terms of marriage. To contrast, in The Vampire Diaries, Elena loves Stefan for the first few series. They believe they will get married one day. However, later in the series, she starts to develop feelings for Damon, Stefan’s brother, and breaks up with Stefan, and starts dating Damon. In the Victorian Era, this wouldn’t be possible, especially since Stefan and Damon are brothers. Therefore, despite the gap in time, the two creative works are captivatingly analogous.

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