Essay on Compare venom and venom gland sequences for VEGF-F

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Abstract: Snake bite is a major health problem in developing countries. And the recent treatments have many limitations such as: efficiency, side effect and expenses. Designing new antivenom is base on generating a DNA plasmid containing the most immunogenic motifs of the venom toxins in order to generate antibodies to this plasmid; next it is injected to a camel, then the extracted antibodies used as antivenom. The aim of this study to compare between the venom gland and the gland transcriptomes, hoping that using the venom as a source of mRNA will avoid sacrificing the snake. In this study a compare between the vascular endothelial growth factor transcriptomes in venom and venom gland by obtain cDNA from the cDNA library then the cDNA in amplified by PCR followed by cloning it in TOPO plasmid in E.coli. Then the cloning product is sequenced and an alignment is made between the venom VEGF and venom gland VEGF and also other VEGF-F from different sources. Finally get the sequence bioinformatics. The result shows a 100%indindity between the venom and venom gland VEGF and the previously sequenced Bitis arietans VEGF. Which suggest that venom is an excellent source for the VEGF mRNA. But a further investigation should be done on the role of the VEGF in the envenoming process before including the VEGF motif the rationale therapy DNA plasmid.

. Introduction:

Snakes have from ancient time related to sciences associated with poison and death, such as toxicology plus as a symbol of medicine (Ramoutsaki 2000). Today 421, 000 people are affected by snake bite with greater than 20,000 deaths annually (Kasturiratne A 2008)

The snake venom effect human by six board categories (I)flaccid effect (II) systemic myolysis(iii) co...

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