Compare Two Water Provision Methods for California Essay

Compare Two Water Provision Methods for California Essay

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1.0 Introduction--------------------------------------------------------------------------------P.3

2.0 Background------------------------------------------------------------------------------P.3-4

3.0 Requirements-------------------------------------------------------------------------------P.6
3.1 Cost------------------------------------------------------------------------------P.6
3.2Environmental impact---------------------------------------------------------P.6
4.0 Presentation of options-----------------------------------------------------------------P.7-8
4.1 Dams-----------------------------------------------------------------------------P.7
4.2 Desalinations -----------------------------------------------------------------P.7-8

5.0 Comparison of options-----------------------------------------------------------------P8-9
5.1 Cost-------------------------------------------------------------------------------p.8
5.2 Environmental impact--------------------------------------------------------P.8-9

6.0 Conclusion---------------------------------------------------------------------------------P.9

7.0 Recommendations-------------------------------------------------------------------------P9


1.0 Introduction

The aim of this recommendation report is to explore the most effective water provision methods for southern California and the report will utilize the requirements of the cost and environmental impact to compare two provision methods the California State Water Projects (SWP) which consists of desalination plants and dams. Undoubtedly, water scarcity ...

... middle of paper ...

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