Compare the Sucesses and Failures of Patriarchy in Colonialism Essay

Compare the Sucesses and Failures of Patriarchy in Colonialism Essay

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Compare The Successes And Failures Of Patriarchy In Colonialism, In “The Tempest”, “Translations” And “Things Fall Apart”.

In “The Tempest”, “Translations” and “Things Fall Apart”, the theme of patriarchy is evident in various aspects. For instance, there is patriarchy present when Prospero controls and dominates Caliban and Miranda in “The Tempest”. Likewise, in “Translations”, the theme of patriarchy is also present with Hugh’s dominance over Manus and Manus’s dominance of Sarah. In “Things Fall Apart”, patriarchy is also apparent, primarily seen with Okonkwo controlling his wives and children. Writers bring out the theme of patriarchy in different settings, due to colonisation, such as the colonisation of the Irish and Igbo tribe. This influences the success and failure of patriarchy as the characters will have to act in accordance to their environment and the conditions in which colonisation takes place. Prospero and Okonkwo represent the patriarchal period of the time, whereas Hugh represents old traditions.

The way in which both authoritarian figures dominate the lower classes are similar. They strongly adhere to the Great Chain of Beings, in which it categorised a strict religious hierarchical order, which saw women below men and beasts below women, thus in both cases men having complete dominance. Prospero exercises his control through Caliban, with his coarse use of language and his ability to make him complete domesticated duties, such as when Prospero tells Miranda that one of his tasks is to ‘fetch in the wood’. Hugh employs exactly the same technique, by making Manus complete domesticated duties, such as ‘get him food – get him a drink’. Both dominant figures subjugate others, in order to increase their social stand...

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...the introduction of the English forces introduces another level of patriarchy. It is clear that patriarchy is a dominant theme in both texts, and it beautifies the flow of each story in a unique approach. Despite all the similarities and differences between characters, the success and failures comes down solely to the audience viewing it.

1. However, a Jacobean audience may sympathise with Prospero as he was an archetypal father and authoritative figure.

2. Comments that it is ‘right to be masculine and violent’
3. ‘then they came to the tree, from which O was dangling, and they stopped dead.

4. Prospero’s chauvinistic treatment of Miranda

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