Compare Mill and Kant’s Ethics Essay

Compare Mill and Kant’s Ethics Essay

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Kant’s Ethics may best apply to modern business. Kant said right action based on a set of moral rules, and the right action is supposed to be the one that conforms with these rules, whereas certain other types of action are morally forbidden. He also suggests that people should be treated "with respect and as ends in their own right, not solely as means to other's ends." On the contrary, Mill’s ethics only concern about the happiness of majority instead of duty itself. Thus, the question how could Kant’s “austere” system do better for business needs than Mill’s flexible business ethics. I would say that although Mill’s Ethic is a functional system of moral analysis, but the decision is easily changeable when the consequence change and in business, decision are hard to change when had been made. Also, sometimes it is not possible to uncover all the pains and happiness when making a business decision.
Let me use an example to show how Kant’s ethic is best applied to decision making. A doctor sees the test data showing that the person has a disease that is incurable and have survive rate of lower than five percent. Should the doctor tell the truth or should the doctor tell something other than the truth? First, let us look at Mill’s ethic. As utilitarian, I will say telling the truth there will be a great deal of pain and hardly any pleasure at all. The person will be upset, their family will be upset, the doctor will be upset in informing the ill person that there is nothing that the doctor can do to alter their condition. The doctor's staff will be upset seeing the person come in for whatever treatment there may be. So the ethical solution will be to make makes up a story concerning the diagnosis and prognosis that is not t...

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...o imagine that the pain and suffering of the slaves would be greater than the centuries of benefits that would be enjoyed by billions of humans to come. However, the chance of Kantian change from an immoral decision to moral base on duty is none.
As I mentioned before, although Mill’s Ethic is a functional system of moral analysis is good, but an immoral action it is easily justifiable as long as an action produce the greatest happiness. We accept immoral action because they generate a little pain and great amount of happiness. Let’s take, for example, scientists use rats as test subject for medical development. It is acceptable because no harm is done to people and once new medicine is produced, it benefits the society in the long run. Perhaps, flexible and outcome oriented system is better when an action produces the greatest happiness and a little bit of pains.

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