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Compare Islam with Christianity Essay

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Compare Islam with Christianity
With a world following of over 2 billion and 1.3 billion respectively, Christianity and Islam are without doubt the most popular religions that have had and still do have the most profound influence in the progression of history. Geisler and Saleeb state that even with the massive adherents, it is still astounding the menace of intolerance and mutual distrust among the two religions (207). While these differences inherentlyhave their roots in history, truth be told, many Christians and Muslims know little about their religions. Consequently, these misconceptions have been used as the basis to hold and propagate misleading and mistaken ideas about their religions without valid grounds.
The purpose of this paper is to explore the comparison between these two religions and by studying the two sacred books, hadiths and other sources of information with an intention of ascertaining that while there are many irreconcilabledifferencesbetween Christianity and Islam, ultimately, these two religions are by far the most similar of all religions and that their similarities in beliefs and values far transcend the differences in expansion that the world has witnessed over the years.
1.0 Similarities
1.1 Origins
Both Christianity and Islam originated from the Middle East.According to Broedel, the two religions have their roots in Judaism; a monotheist religion which greatly influenced not only Islam and Christianity but also other religions of the world (“The Koran, the Torah and the Gospel”).*
1.2 Beliefs
Among other beliefs, both religions inherently believe in the existence of one true God (King James BibleIs. 4.46; Al-Quran Surah 5:76).Moreover, Christians and Muslims believe that good deeds on eart...

... middle of paper ...

...adherents of the two religions. Whether it is Christianity or Islam that is the right choice should be left to God whom we both acknowledge to be the ultimate judge.

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