Comparative Benefits Of Contract Employment Essay

Comparative Benefits Of Contract Employment Essay

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Comparative Advantages of Contract Employment
• Using contract employment allows you to hold on to your best employees, this done by adding terms to the contract that limit reasons employees may use when they want to leave your company.
• Contracts allow employers to lock employees into specific lengths of employment. This helpful in sense that after spending so much time and money on training an employee, you obviously want to keep them. Including a clause in the contract that stipulates and give you enough time to train them. It can be 90 days probation, no one can force an employee to leave but if they know that they have penalties to pay, they may think twice about leaving.
• Contract helps employers as they can protect their trade secrets by adding a confidentiality clause to the employment contract that prevents employees from disclosing your trade secrets. “In addition, you can include a covenant not to compete clause in an employment contract that will prevent former employees from competing with your company for a certain amount of time after their employment ends,” (, 2016).
• Employment contracts can help in luring the best employees in the company. Great employees may be given lots of different contracts and if the company gives the best contracts employees will frolicking their all the times.
• Having a contract in place gives more control over how employees work. This makes it to fire, discipline and hire employees because of the laid down specific standards that is expected from employees.

Disadvantages of Contract Employment
• Employment contract are two Way Street as an employer you have obligation you have to meet so does the employee. If things do not work there is room for renegotiating of t...

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...o strike. There are appropriate limits placed on those rights because some government workers and most state and local employees are prohibited from striking, several states do permit non-essential personnel to participate in work stoppages. Individuals who engage in a lawful economic strike may not be dismissed or otherwise disciplined for such protected activity, “but under the Mackay Radio decision of the Supreme Court they may be permanently replaced. After they have been replaced, they maintain preferential recall rights and must be rehired as positions become available before outside persons are hired,” (, 2016).
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ISLSSL. (2016). Strike Wass. Retrieved from

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