Comparative Analysis Of ' Neat People Vs. Sloppy People ' Essays

Comparative Analysis Of ' Neat People Vs. Sloppy People ' Essays

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Rustam Kaunas
Mr. Lewis
Engl. 1301-010
3 November 2015

Authors use contrast to describe the difference between two or more objects. In The Norton Mix, there are three essays that show good examples of what contrast is and what it does. Suzanne Britt writes “Neat People vs. Sloppy People,”; Bruce Catton writes, “Grant and Lee: A study in Contrasts,” and Barbara Ehrenreich tells us about, “Cultural Baggage.” In these essay, the author shows the readers clear distinctions between people and things; authors do this because the author wants the audience to use their imaginations, critical thinking, and observations to see difference between two situations. Authors use contrast to show their believe of one thing but they compare it to another object. For example, Britt tells us the details about neat people and sloppy people.
In “Neat People vs. Sloppy People,” Suzanne Britt discusses the advantage and the disadvantage of either being sloppy or neat people. Britt, being a sloppy person, defends the sloppy people by showing the truth between neat and lazy people. In the beginning of her essay, Britt express, “The distinction is, as always, moral. Neat people are lazier and meaner than sloppy people” (Britt pg. 314). Britt explains that sloppy people are sloppy but there is a reason why, they treasure everything that they own unlike the neat people. Sloppy are the people who organize their whole place, such as putting his or her’s book in alphabetic order; they also would not make their own bed, just because they are lazy. Britt, being a sloppy person, also criticizes the neat people in “Neat People vs. Sloppy People.” In the middle of her essay, Britt says that, “Neat people are bums and clods at heart. They have cavalie...

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...ecause someone has done them before” (Ehrenreich pg 478). Ehrenreich demonstrates that although her family values are not the same as what she wants, she no longer needed to follow her ancestor’s culture.
In the three essay’s, the readers got to see the follow examples of how contrasts could be used throughout. It is important that readers be able to see one fundamental difference between people or things because it shows the humor or facts.

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