Company 's Strategy, Decisions And Actions Are Guided By The Basic Principle Of Sustainability

Company 's Strategy, Decisions And Actions Are Guided By The Basic Principle Of Sustainability

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Organizational Development
The company’s strategy, decisions and actions are guided by the basic principle of sustainability. Mercedes Benz defines sustainability as directing business capably to ensure long-term success in harmony with the environment and society. Benz is continually moving toward their objectives by making sustainability a solidly incorporated part of their operations and by requiring and advancing a sense of awareness for sustainable operations among all of their leadership team and workers. Additionally, they incorporate their business partners in this process and spread this message and concerns on these issues with their stakeholders. The administration structures, procedures and frameworks are composed according to this idea of sustainability.
Their sustainability methodology is embedded in their corporate culture, which is centred on their four core principles of passion, respect, integrity and discipline. The automotive manufacturer believes that they can only guarantee sustained productivity and society’s acknowledgment of their business activities if they consider all the effects their business processes have on the earth and society, and if they adjust their corporate targets with environmental and social necessities. This strategy, named Sustainability Program 2020, consists of six main dimensions. Moreover, these not only characterizes the areas that they plan o take action in the next years, but also is used to measure their performance.
Product Responsibility
For Mercedes, there are three key elements for product responsibility, which are the greatest possible customer experience and benefit, the highest safety standards, and the greatest eco-friendliness and effectiveness. To accomplish this o...

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Social Responsibility
Support of social sustainability initiatives, regional commitment at locations, cross-regional commitment. They make positive contributions to our social environment that extend beyond their business activity. Together with their employees they strive to help master social challenges in many charitable community projects around the world.
Responsible business partners
Mercedes Benz is committed to compliance with legal and ethical standards, which must be maintained along with their entire supply chain. By frequently offering supplier events, they promote dialog and training in which they likewise address our sustainability prerequisites. As a team with other car makers, Benz also provide supplier training courses. Moreover, the execution of their sustainability standards in the supply chain is an essential topic in their stakeholder dialogs.

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