Essay about The Company 's Move Toward Greater Transparency

Essay about The Company 's Move Toward Greater Transparency

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The company’s move toward greater transparency has ensured that customers will find them more appealing. This is because it creates an element of trust and as such make it more appealing for customers since people are always inclined to want to do business with a company they can trust. In Ticketmaster’s case, the move towards transparency ensured that customers are more willing to purchase tickets from the company, as they can be trusted. Transparency, as instituted by Ticketmaster ensured that they directed their efforts toward listening and caring, and taking into thought the needs of the clients. By focusing their attention on what customers would like and responding appropriately, the company not only wins the trust of the customers, but they have ensured that they act to resolve any issues that have made them unpopular before. The move towards transparency has also helped the company in achieving customer satisfaction, as customers are more responsive and content with services of a company that makes the effort to show them that their needs are cared for. For instance, giving customers the option of choosing their seats is a move that makes customers feel they have a choice in the decisions they make, and the company is not forcing something on them. This sort of active engagement enables customer satisfaction, builds trust and consequently aids the bottom line of the company. By moving towards transparency, Ticketmaster has employed strategies that view their clients as an extension of their operations rather than an outside factor, something that paints it in a good light. This means an improved reputation among clients and potential customers. In essence, transparency has ensured that Ticketmaster will have their customer...

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...I would focus on the internal as well as external factors related to the structure of the company. I will motivate employees and encourage feedback on what can be done to make the company’s image better. Involving employees and stakeholders are bound to result in suggestions that might help.
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The decisions made by the CEO of Trickmaster were effective in the sense that they were geared toward transparency and more involvement of the customers. For instance, the creation of the LiveAnalytics ensured that the company has better knowledge of what the customers want and as such, they could respond to these needs. Making information available to the customers also ensured that the company could gain the trust of the customers and increase sales. It also ensured that the customers had knowledge of what to expect which makes it appealing to deal with the company. 

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