Company Overview Of Santa Monica Based National Medical Services Essay

Company Overview Of Santa Monica Based National Medical Services Essay

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Company Overview
The name DaVita derives from an Italian phrase meaning “he/she gives life.” (About DaVita Kidney Care,) This is what DaVita does every day in its dialysis clinics. Although their name has a very important meaning behind it wasn’t always called DaVita. DaVita has operated under three different names. According to an article in Reference for Business, The company began in 1979 as part of another company, National Medical Enterprises, Inc. Santa Monica-based National Medical, perhaps foreseeing the changes to come in the dialysis services industry, formed Medical Ambulatory Care, Inc. to own and to operate its hospital-based dialysis services business as freestanding facilities. National Medical also directed Medical Ambulatory to acquire and to internally develop additional dialysis facilities in its markets. Medical Ambulatory was an early entrant into the national race for market share, expanding at a modest pace throughout the 1980s. (Reference for Business.) DaVita operated for 15 years under the control of their parent company. In Aug of 1994 National Medical leveraged a buyout resulting in DaVita’s transition to Total Renal Care Inc. When Total Renal Care entered the dialysis services industry on its own, the company operated 37 outpatient facilities and maintained 28 inpatient contracts with hospitals, the extent of its expansion under the aegis of National Medical.” (Reference for Business.) By the end of 1995 with the help of its new leader, Victor M.G. Chaltiel, the company nearly doubled in size. Over the next few years the company continued to grow very rapidly. In November 1997 they acquired its closest competitor, Renal Treatment Centers. The $1.3 billion all-stock transaction nearly doubled Total ...

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