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Essay on Company Image

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It doesn’t matter what you’re running, because whether it’s a web design firm or a large-scale company, your image makes a huge difference. It is what a potential customer or client will see in you, and it is perhaps the most important asset you can have.
Many designers are confused about what company image has to do with them. Image, however, is important for everyone, from CEOs to designers alike. It may be a hot dog stand, or it may be a Fortune 500 company: either way, image must be tackled at some point.
In this article, we’ll tackle company image from head to toe: we’ll showcase a few examples of companies that have done it right, explain how this benefits the web design community as a whole, and finally provide steps you can take to improve your company image.
What is company image?
It is important to have an adequate understanding of image. In this case, we use the word image to describe a representation someone will remember of you or your company. This is a combination of the feelings, thoughts, opinions, and beliefs people have about you or your company.
Image is for everyone, not just companies: individuals and daily life are all affected by image. A client’s impression of you, your company’s perceived value – they are all affected by your company image.
Because everyone is human, we bring our own biases to the way we perceive the images of others. For example, someone might be a great speaker, but if they stand completely still when speaking, they will leave a strange impression. This will affect his or her image.
Every small detail factors into how you or your company is perceived. Everything makes a huge difference when it comes to image. This is why companies can afford to hire expensive PR firms: because th...

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... to clients.
Consider separating your social network profiles, creating one for your business and one for your personal. For example, one maybe your company’s Twitter, answering customer questions and providing information, while another is more personal and/or humorous. This way you can separate your target audiences for each stream.
This essay helped you to evaluate your company image. It presents invaluable resources on maintaining a professional image as well as how to apply them usefully in your company or business.
• Make a great first impression.
• Maintain a consistent identity.
• Change something up, but don’t go too far.
• Be correct in your language and information.
• Establish a business identity, not a casual one.
• Be meticulous in your presentation.
• Separate your work and play.
• Never use business branding on a personal website.

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