Company Ethics and Moral Essay

Company Ethics and Moral Essay

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Companies today have been aware that it is very important for them to enforce ethics and morality in their actions and ideas. They know they will be profoundly analyzed and rejected by the public if these enforcements are not their number one to facilitate wellness in society. This way of rational thought pertains to the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry can regulate the health of many lives all over the world. It becomes essential that they follow the ethical and moral route for the good of society and to enable wellness. Pharmaceutical companies have been as easy target of many critics over the years. There is a perception that these companies are strictly out for profit and that they will stop at nothing to gain money for themselves and their shareholders. These issues have initiated a great deal of damage to the consumers of the pharmaceutical industry and now they must find ways to regain reliance of society. The reality of this is many of these drugs are saving lives and helping people live happier, healthier and longer. By these industries changing their methods, it has become more beneficial to society and also keeping the business orientation. Pharmaceutical companies should not be negatively viewed because they produce beneficial vaccines, implement consumer surplus, and maintain socio-economic benefit.
Pharmaceutical companies produce an assortment of products that treat many different kinds of diseases and sicknesses that people all over the world are suffering from. These companies are developing vaccines to avoid individuals from infectious diseases and to boost their immune systems. There are drugs that treat and support each kind of condition such as influenza, sexually transmitted disease, and...

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