Company Description Of Kendall 's Inspirations Essay

Company Description Of Kendall 's Inspirations Essay

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Kendall’s Inspirations is located and based in Rockford Michigan, providing many unique pieces in home décor and Christian merchandise. Located downtown Rockford retailing to local customers as foot traffic and out of town visitors. It operates as Kendall’s Inspirations.
Store location is going to be 8 E Bridge St, Rockford Michigan. Customers come to the retail site to purchase goods.
Kendall’s Inspirations views its mission as providing a friendly at home family atmosphere to its clientele. Providing clientele, a long term comfortable place to purchase Christian merchandise and home décor for years to come.
Kendall’s Inspirations will provide a family friendly atmosphere where the clientele can come and enjoy time looking at Christian merchandise and home décor. Offering Bibles, Cards, Christian music CD’s, adult and children Christian family movies and books. Also, providing fun home décor that families can appreciate and will be proud to show off.
The company is new as of August 2016. We project that any and all income will be reinvested into the company for the first year. After, the company will also have some profitability for additional employees and additional inventory. Marketing will be done through local churches and other retailers throughout Rockford. Social Marketing will be Facebook, Twitter and flyers.

Founded in August 2016 by Amy Kramer, Kendall’s Inspirations opens its retail store of Christian Merchandise and home décor.
Amy Kramer is the sole proprietorship, in charge of sales, marketing and merchandising.
Kendall’s Inspirations is owned solely by Amy Kramer in Rockford Michigan as of August...

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Kendall’s Inspirations will be the first Christian, multi-denominational gift and home décor store in Rockford. We will promote to Pastors and their churches, along with schools and all residents.
Consumers will purchase merchandise for holidays, birthdays, special occasions or for themselves. The amount of times consumers could come to the store to purchase merchandise is limitless. Consumers will come because of the unique, high quality items and very good customer service. There will also be a return policy. Consumers will be able to pay by credit card, cash or check which will give them multiple ways to purchase what they want. The consumers will learn about Kendall’s Inspiration by add advertisements, word of mouth, foot traffic, flyers and radio advertisements, along with social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

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