Company Analysis : Chevron Corporation Essay

Company Analysis : Chevron Corporation Essay

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Chevron Corporation is a one of America’s multinational energy-producing company that yields safe and efficient energy to others. It was established in 1879 during which they dealt with the energy products such as oil, gas, and geothermal energy industries. Geothermal energy industries include marketing, refining, production, exploration, and sales. Chevron has been a successful standard oil-manufacturing that is widely recognized throughout 180 quarters across the world and resides in San Ramon, California. Chevron Company has been renamed continuously, ranging from Standard Oil Co. in 1911, Standard Oil Co. of California in 1926, to the finally Chevron Corporation in 1984 as the company has been using the chevron retail brand name for many years. Despite chevron being successful and one of the biggest oil company in America, they suffered a lot to get their way to success because in the world there is not even one company who does not have to go through obstacles to achieve success. In 2016, Chevron declares that they have first fully-owned subordinate Unocal East China Sea, LTD in which they started the process of natural gas production from the first phase of the Chuandongbei project in southwest China. In addition, Chuandongbei project is a huge onshore gas project that was advanced by an international oil company and a national company in China. According to Crouching TIGER What CHINA’S MILITARISM Means for the WORLD by Peter Navarro states that China to be known as one the world’s largest oil importer in which “over 70 percent of China’s petroleum imports along with almost half of china’s energy needs must travel first Africa or the Persian Gulf, then pass through one of the most infamous maritime choke points in the worl...

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...eteriorates near 12-year lows than China; however, they mostly export to China which indicates that Chevron doesn’t obtain a significant amount of products from the Chinese market. The Chevron Corporation has been operating meticulously with the Chinese government and its National Petroleum Corporation in order to develop the project securely along with changing the Chinese risk. As a result, the company has been able to provide jobs and economic opportunities for the public, and also they will continue to give the territorial economy for many years. To help Chevron Corporation mitigate its risk, Chevron could undertake beneficial projects such as the Chuandongbei natural gas project, to expand their business which will conserve their investments. Moreover, they could establish similar projects throughout the globe as a source of backup and additional investments.

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