Companionship, Comfort, Reliability, All Things A Brother Or Sister Can Offer

Companionship, Comfort, Reliability, All Things A Brother Or Sister Can Offer

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Companionship, comfort, reliability, all things a brother or sister can offer. As a young girl I constantly pestered my parents for a sibling. I yearned for a partner in crime, a best friend that wasn 't just there on the occasional Saturday night. Having a sibling was in my eyes, an even better present than the new Polly Pockets I had been obsessing with. The grass is always greener on the other side as they say. When my wish was granted in an unorthodox way I realized the grass may appear greener on the other side, but appearances can indeed be deceiving.
"You should live with us!" The five enthusiastic, life changing words that I so hastily spit out of my mouth in the back seat of a Volkswagen Jetta on a beautiful Maine summer afternoon. My first cousin, Alicia, was on the receiving end of this suggestion. Both us girls young and full of love for each other. Attached at the hip. Her home life was unsatisfactory. Sharing a small, rundown trailer with her two younger brothers, her unemployed mother, and our overworked grandmother was not exactly ideal for a nine year old. As we pulled into the driveway of her home we shared looks of anticipation for the conversation awaiting us behind that creaky, oh so familiar, off-white door. "Mom can I please move in with Auntie Bobbi and Uncle Gabe?" Alicia asked with hope filling her eyes, voice shaking with excitement. The answer Alicia received broke her heart. I remember seeing her shrink. My bubbling wishes squelched by the quick flash of pain I witnessed cross my cousins face. The answer she received was yes. Without any hesitation from her mother, Alicia was free to go.
How wonderful my life had become. Finally, a sister of my own! Alicia moved into the bedroom across the hall fro...

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...the hate, and the anger, and the bitterness. I decided that she had been through enough pain and suffering of her own. I decided that instead of silence I would give her support and love.
Having a sibling was something I had dreamed of. I was jealous that I lacked the love of a brother or a sister. Having Alicia brought into my life made me understand that having a sibling is not fun, or easy, or like having a best friend. Having a sister is hard. It is taking on the responsibility of always having someone 's back and always offering love when you do not have much love left to give. Alicia knocked me down more times than I could stand up. Because of this I became stronger and was eventually strong enough to stand up and fight her battle with her. The grass may be greener on the other side of the fence, but the fence is one painfully difficult obstacle to cross.

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