Essay about Community Walk : An Intern At P.s

Essay about Community Walk : An Intern At P.s

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Community Walk

As an intern at P.S. 137, my outlook of the school and the neighborhood in which it is situated has drastically changed over the past semester. My initial commute to the school did not help me frame the community in a positive light. I found there to be too many potholes, and too much trash scattered across its streets. I was not familiar with this area, and do not recall having any preexisting biases towards the residents. I remember the first time I pulled into the school’s never-ending parking lot, and felt flutters in my stomach as I thought of how small one may feel in such a large institution. I also questioned what I was doing interning in a school known for its corruptness. P.S. 137 has a bad reputation for giving students credit for eating lunch, of having students who take lewd pictures of staff members, and for the multitudes of gangs in which the students take part.

Located in the South of Brooklyn, P.S. 137 , a school which has earned an overall B rating on its school report for the last three consecutive years (NYCDOE, 2014), has been in existence for forty five years. It is known for its unique campus layout, its large and diverse student population, and its many college level classes. With its large lawn, an unusual site in New York City, and enormous building, it is not unusual to mistake this high school for a college campus. The official address is 50 Avenue X, but this does not take into consideration that the entire land designated for this school takes up the width of five streets.

*name of school has been changed

The neighborhood in which P.S. 137 is situated is known as Gravesend. It was named for
another coastal region in England, but the community would be thought of as more for it...

... middle of paper ...

...e hallways and classrooms of P.S. 137.
After spending a semester interning at P.S. 137, and many hours in Gravesend’s traffic, I have come to understand that there is more to a school than its orderliness, and more to a community than its variety of housing, people, and food. I now know that the reason a school can stand for so long—almost half a century—cannot be because of the land it was built on, or the demographics of its student body. It stands on the passion of every member of the school to provide our youth with a proper education, one which will help them shape the society of the future. I now know the levels the media can go to degrade a school, spreading false information about giving credit to students who eat their lunch. I also now recognize that a school, although functioning and stable, can only flourish with the support of its community.

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