Community Treatment Of A Psychiatric Facility Essay examples

Community Treatment Of A Psychiatric Facility Essay examples

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Community treatment actions otherwise known as CTOs can be used to help many individuals with mental illness and their families. If an individual has been in the hospital under the Mental Health Act the person’s physician usually psychiatrist can arrange for community treatment order (Byrick & Renshaw, 2012). This is to help the patient comply with the doctor’s orders while not in the hospital. CTO is a doctor’s orders for a person to receive treatment as well as supervision while in the community. This is used as a care and treatment plan to help with the patients needs ranging from medications to appointments. The purpose of a CTO as stated by Byrick and Walker-Renshaw (2012) from the Mental Health Act: 33.1(3): “The purpose of a community treatment order is to provide a person who suffers from a serious mental disorder with a comprehensive plan of community-based treatment or care and supervision that is less restrictive than being detained in a psychiatric facility”.
Through this essay it will explain why community treatment orders are controversial within society today. Many people think that there are benefits associated with having people follow CTO’s such as giving people access to the help that they need as well as helping to keep the community stable. Negatives of community actions can be that it is possible for re-admission into the hospital as well as there is no control over what happens to the people who are living outside of the hospital. Community treatment orders are looked at to be a very important part within the treatment of people with mental health issues.
Benefits of Community Treatment Orders
Community treatment orders recognize that there are a lot of people who are ill and in need of treatm...

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...rocess. The way that CTOs are introduced into the health system is not always a great way to help the mentally ill since it is overused there is no system used that will be able to help everyone that is in need (Lawton-Smith, Dawson, & Burns, 2008). With this being said there are many other viable options to be able to help people who are struggling with mental illnesses.
In conclusion community treatment orders can be looked at from a positive and negative way. CTOs were designed to be able to help people with mental illnesses and their families cope with their situations. They are supposed to be able to help people transition between hospitals and living within the community with the support of doctors as well as there care plan. With community treatment orders overall goal is to help people with mental health issues through community based treatment.

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