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Strategic planning is crucial for the success of all business endeavors. Analyzing currents trends in technology, consumer markets, competition, and the workforce can play a pivotal part in whether or not the organization can survive. Overtime, strategic planning strategies must be modified in order to compensate for changes in the industry. Goals and strategic planning often necessitate change to ensure that the organization is performing at peak level, while offering the most beneficial and quality services to consumers.
Case Study
The Community South Medical Center, a large urban profit-based health center, is equipped to deal with many comprehensive health care issues. Although the medical center has an excellent reputation, analysis has shown that they are now lacking in shortage of clinical staff, non-interfacing technologies, outdated infrastructures, abatement of JCAHO conformity, and fluctuation in demographics. In addition, many of the local high paying businesses have left the area. This could be due to competitive issues or since the demographics changed, they no longer had the consumer advantage for the services that they offered.
If Community South Medical Center does not want to follow suit of the other local businesses, they must revise the strategic plan that they put in place three years ago in order to implement strategic performance. According to Edmunds (2006), “The objective of a strategic plan is to figure out ways for you to capture more and more of your market. And, above all, you must act on the strategies you come up with” (
columnist/edmunds/2006-06-28-strategic-plan-yourself_x.htm). It is the duty of the CEO to confront the issues afflicting t...

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...peak level while offering quality services, strategic planning must be implemented to understand where necessary changes are needed.

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