Community Service as Effective Sentencing Essay

Community Service as Effective Sentencing Essay

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Community Service within the justice system is being used in the present,due to prison overcrowding.The problem with giving community service as a discipline in the justice system.Some offenders may be a threat to the safety of citizens and safe communities.Community service was established as a way for the justice system to budget for the community.Community Service,(2014)
Community service programs where initiated in the United States with female traffic offenders in Alameda County, California in 1966.Local initiatives following in several counties throughout the United States.The state of California believed community service would help address the issue of prison overcrowding.Non-violent offenders who would have otherwise gone to prison were given the opportunity to provide community service or make restitution to their victims in lieu of incarceration.The original program was a success in Alameda,California.Community Service,(2014)
Prison overcrowding has become a serious problem in the United States. It has pushed for an increase in community service. During the late 1980's and early 1990's,state and local governments implemented a new legislation. California enacted the three strike law,the law called for mandated sentencing for repeat offenders. American Legislative Council,(2009) Measures are underway that help reduce state and federal prison population and keep communities safe.In August of 2009 California mandated to release 40,000 prisoners in two years.
Violent criminals off the streets is a major government responsibility.Tough economic times have made budget cutting a prevalent part of the justice system.Correctionsis is steadily growing at a fast pace. Helping legislato...

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...ns. Being especially aware of safety and proper screening of inmates could help eliminate the wrong types of offenders being released back into society and that could pose a possible danger to citizens.

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