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Unique. Unique is the best word that can describe Eastampton Community School. Located in Burlington County, New Jersey, Eastampton is a small town with a population of about 6,000 residences. What makes Eastampton such a desirable place to reside is its location to the military base. Home prices in conjunction with the property taxes are reasonable. In 2015, the general tax rate was 3.005. The average home assessed value averaged $220,000 with a school tax rate of 1.224. This small town contains a one building school that serves over 600 students in grades kindergarten through 8th grade.
ECS has a very individual connection to me as it has been my old school. Prior to 2006, the district has two outdated buildings. One was kindergarten to 5th grade and the other was a 6th through 8th grade. With the vision from the current superintended and the support of the community, the consolidation of the two schools was established. The elementary school was closed and the middle school was expanded and modernized with the latest technology of that time. The elementary school was sold to the high school district and the money was used for the technological updates. The goal was to be able to have all students being able to access technology on any given day.
This year, we have a student teacher ratio of 11:1. We have increased out Project Lead the Way Program for all students in k-8th and have added additional courses to the program. We also purchased a 3-D printer and have expanded our Audio Visual Art program. Because Eastampton is such a small town, everyone knows everyone. Typically, students have extended family members that live in town. It’s not uncommon for students to have siblings in a younger grade level. The 8th graders have ...

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...r said, “you will be the most hated person in the school…you have to believe what you’re doing is the right fit for the district and the students….”
Like an effective teacher, we need to be effective administrators to be able to create an effective budget. However anyone looks at it, a school is a business. If we invest well in the community and its students, they will grow up and share the same dedication we have. As you can see, many of the people I interviewed have a connection to not only the town but also the school. It is also good to note that funding will always decrease, but we need to be ready when it does. This is why it’s critical that all stakeholders are involved and know what their responsibilities are in the school’s budget. Planning for the future to meet the shared vision and mission of the district is the goal of creating any effective budget.

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