Community Report: Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services Essay

Community Report: Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services Essay

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In the face of a weak economy, America’s cultural communities are proving to be resilient. Enduring through these difficult times takes courage and commitment; our diverse communities are an excellent reflection of people creating change in the world. As economic conditions continue to worsen, our communities have taken the opportunity to improve their conditions together. Right here in Sacramento we are privileged to have the strength and support of the SFBSF (Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services). Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services has been actively helping the needy in Sacramento communities since 1976, when it was founded by Father Madigan. This report will focus on the details, history, and potential of the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services.
The SFBSF was founded as a result of one person recognizing an extreme need for change in our communities. Father Madigan began the SFBSF in the basement of his church located in Oak Park in 1976 to help the growing number of people in need in Sacramento. Over time, he found many other passionate supporters of the cause and now his non-profit organization is able to provide free emergency goods and services to almost fifteen thousand people in need each month (Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services). Now SFBFS has two locations- one in Oak Park and one on North Sacramento; SFBFS serves Sacramento neighborhoods with severe hardships every day. Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services is, “dedicated to assisting those in need by alleviating their immediate pain and problems and moving them toward self-sufficiency and financial independence (COMMUNITY * INTEGRITY * COMPASSION)” (Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services). The organization’s goals do not involve race, gender, or any ...

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...t the people need while making more intelligent and resourceful decisions regarding the health of the organization.
The Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services is an amazing asset Sacramento is extremely fortunate to have. Working to help others improve their lives and access greater opportunities also helps those people reject cultural stereotypes and withstand the harsh economy through the strength of community bonds.

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