Essay on Community Reintegration Programs For Juveniles

Essay on Community Reintegration Programs For Juveniles

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Briana Castillo
Community Reintegration
Juvenile Justice II

Community Reintegration Programs for Juveniles

The issue under question has severe implications for any society. The importance of successful programs aim that making the juveniles an accepted and accomplished member of the society can only be overemphasized. For, the youth leads any nation in to becoming the world leader or a nation to be reckoned with. The recent events involving youth under-18 in serious crimes raised serious concerns and demand a multi-pronged approach to deal with the matter. It is worth mentioning that the youth making a re-entry in to community might be having diverse backgrounds.
Likewise, problems with the family, poverty, substandard education, lack of employment opportunities along with abusive surrounding s having a potential to lure the substance misuse may lead to a relapse of criminal behaviour. On the other hand, a policy initiated focusing on all the immediate needs of the individuals involved in the reintegration would brighten the chances of the success of the program and their approval as normal community members to further their lives wold surge. Collaboration among different organizations to bring about the desired results is what could result in needed services to be coordinated for the best results. Local community, federal agencies and juvenile justice reform advocates can join hands to materialize the task of the youth transitioning from detention to community. The program has three essential components: planning prior to release, availability of services and follow up regarding the success of the program. Most importantly, the services should include, availability in the area where juvenile wants to settle...

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...vailable. The past data, if analysed properly and made the foundation for the future, the figures can bring the drastic change and cement the basic fabric of the society together. United States of America has lead the creativity, innovation and productivity globally by setting the examples for the whole world. The great nations learn from their past mistakes and move forward for new benchmarks for others to envy.

Anglin, D. M., D. Longshore, S. Turner, D. McBride, J. Inciardi, and M. Prendergast. 1996. "Studies on the Functioning and Effectiveness of Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime: An evaluation of Five Programs." Criminal Justice and Behavior, 26, 168-198.
Giblin, M. J. 2002. "Using Police Officers to Enhance the Supervision of Juvenile Probationers: An Evaluation of the Anchorage CAN program", Crime and Delinquency, 48(1), 116-137

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