Essay on Community Psychology : The Community

Essay on Community Psychology : The Community

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Community Psychology has begun major breakthrough in treating the community on a macro level but failed to support the community on a micro level. But first let’s talk about the meaning of Community Psychology. Community Psychology is defined as how community level forces impact the functioning of all individuals and families in the community. Community psychologist focus more on the community as a whole whereas the individual perspective. Chapter 1 discusses how community psychologist goal is to prevent community failures rather than treat them before it starts. In addition, talks about the main causes of being homeless in United States. CP believes that the main factor of Homelessness in United States is the lack of affordable houses? But I beg the difference. I believe, I know the main cause of homeless in the United States is not “Lack of Affordable Houses” but personal psychological and biological problems.
Primary factors should be biological and psychological, for an example:
• Disable, individuals can be disable due to an accident or heredity that can cause an individual to be unworkable.
• Mental Disorders, individuals with mental disorders cannot work, some cannot even provide for themselves such as every day basic needs such as bathing and clothing themselves.
• Lack of Education, individual that has a lack of education cannot meet the requirements to apply for particular paying jobs.
• Institutionalized, Men and women with criminal backgrounds cannot apply for job because of arrest restrictions.
• Other factors, Wage garnishments, law suits that prevent an individual not capable of meeting their financial commitments.
• Domestic Batter, individual are driven from their home because of constant assault from their husba...

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...nvironments due to women working due to the lack of men that did not return from the war. And those that did returned from the war wanted their jobs back and that there were women working in their workplace. Women where so use to making factory money now versus making $15 dollars a week being a maid and a housekeeper compared to making $40 a week working in the factory. Women had to leave the factories, but they did not leave happy so they started a women’s right movement.
After the war soldiers returned home with mental disorder due to the traumatization of the war itself, they were being mistreated and put in mental institution and labeled as being crazy. And at the same time African Americans were being lynch and killed, their only therapy was the local pastor at the church. They had no real psychologist in those days, the counselors where the church and the book.

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