Community Power and Participatory Decision-Making Essay example

Community Power and Participatory Decision-Making Essay example

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At its first level of conception, the possibilities of a study focused on the community of Bautista appeared endless; it quickly became obvious that certain preferences would need to be supported over others. These preferences provided several points of reflection based on the limitations, details, and depth facilitated by methodological choices. It is no surprise that no researcher can do a thoroughly exhaustive study that can take into account all dimensions of a decision-making process. Indeed, many challenges were met over the course of evaluating the community within the current research. Theoretical assumptions have been made and discussed when necessary, and methodological limitations were acknowledged as needed: limitations of time, size, and scope as well as limitations of the research design.

There were several things that the researcher hoped to observe during this study. One of those was evidence that the community residents recognize their potential that they can have power. The researcher was convinced that the constituents wanted more than being a disenfranchised people but to become empowered members of their community.

This thesis makes a contribution to the ways in which the context of power is studied for their propensity to identify participatory processes in relation to decision-making. It has highlighted the critical understanding that participation in decision-making demonstrates power. The methodological, theoretical and substantive contributions are highlighted in the related literature; the core contributions are the in-depth insights bringing to light the controversial case of separating Bautista from Brgy. Sampalov IV. By unpacking a unique case of power research in a resettlement area, this th...

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...s was compared to the participatory mechanisms of the barangay officials which merely supported government views, the former can foster resistance to spur more people into action. The efforts of the power-holders to establish a meritorious participation of the silenced people in decision-making were very debilitated and subjugated. A closer look at the legal aspect of participation in decision-making revealed that it was discriminatory and participation in general, was exploited to mobilize participation during implementation processes. In a positive light, even though inequality of power exists, there is more active participation when a controversial issue is at stake. Bargaining power for the purposes of decision-making between the powerful players allows the less powerful voices to be clamorous by popular pressure alongside collaborative forms of participation.

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Essay about Community Power and Participatory Decision-Making

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Community Power and Participatory Decision-Making Essay examples

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